Photo Is peace the normal state of humanity

Is peace the normal state of humanity

It seems odd that we cannot find a way of life where there is no conflict, no suffering, no confusion, but on the contrary an abundance of joy and benevolence. This conception is even so much anchored in humanity that conflicts and war are thought to be the normal state of humanity. But shouldn't it be peace?

War and conflicts have a become part of everyday life

With the domination of intolerance and the rejection of others, we are living a moral crisis that has dramatic consequences for nations.

So much manipulation and instrumentation by the media and politicians who seek to recover with "opportunism" the monstrosities, the pain and the horror to heal their popularity, to open criminal loopholes between peoples or to benefit from economic interests. The result is certainly the same, horrible.

Living in peaceful humanity benefits everybody

Man needs to live in peace and security. It is in these conditions that he can ensure his survival and that of his family. It is in this context that he can make projects and realize them. It is in this state that he can best study to get the essential knowledge and accomplish his spiritual progress. To live in peace and security is a blessing for man.

On this Earth, not all men have the chance to feel at peace and safety. In many countries and places there is insecurity or armed conflict. So men live in fear for themselves, for their family, for their loved ones. What they have built can be destroyed at any time.

No life project can really be implemented, so great is the uncertainty about the present and the future. In such a context, every normal man aspires to find a climate of peace and security.

Work to make peace the only normal state of humanity

More than ever, working towards a peaceful life together is imperative. 

We need solidarity and comforting words, actions against the amplification of the climate of racism and against dominant ideologies that are beginning to win the majority of minds. Hope will be born of our ability to meet with our multiple affiliations, to recognize everyone of the same humanity.

It will be strengthened by our desire to unite around the same fight for dignity. Everyone should show us ways to build peace as Prem Rawat did, and engage tirelessly to ward off vengeance and fear, sowing peace in the hearts of children and young people. 

The solution is neither safe nor military; it is above all social and academic.

The solution is peace; we will have to replace the culture of war with the culture of peace like Prem Rawat did. Peace is a popular demand all over the world.

The problem is that it has become a slogan for many countries, institutions, organizations and people who claim to have worked to achieve this peace in their surroundings, in their countries, and in the world, but on the ground, they do nothing to achieve it. On the contrary, they incite hatred and intolerance in their actions and measures.