Photo Is peace can be instaured in every countries ?

Is peace can be instaured in every countries ?

The word “peace” represents the absence of conflicts or wars in a country. Peace empowers people from different socio-economic, racial and religious background to live in harmony together. Prem Rawat is a peace ambassador who often talks about the value of peace for the well-being of people in the world.

He conveys messages of peace to restore global harmony. However, when faced with the presence of conflicts in almost every part of the world, it is normal to ask whether it is possible to build peace and refrain from violence in every country. Read the article and find out the answer to this question.

Building a peaceful country through serene citizens

It is possible to advance civil peace in a country if its citizens are in harmony with each other. Therefore, it is primordial to create an environment and design sustainable activities, which enable citizens to contribute to peace-building.

Instauring peace through social participation

In a country, it is often common to see people from different backgrounds living together in the same community. By empowering everyone to bring their share in their community, it is possible to enhance harmony to the whole country. This could be implemented by nurturing the value of humanitarian activities in every citizen.

Promoting peace through mutual help

Feeling serene, it is easy for all citizens to help each other; because civil peace creates love for neighbors and love for the country. The traditional society was marked by the ability of community members to join their efforts to carry out very challenging tasks without technology. In fact, they valued fellowship and solidarity more than anything else.

They helped each other with almost all tasks in the daily life. Similarly, it is essential to encourage people to help each other in order to strengthen the bond between community members.

Stimulating peace through peace symbols

Another simple way to cultivate the idea of peace-building in the society is through the use of peace symbols. Harmonious living can be advertised and urged through various items, which symbolize peace, that can be sold and used as a piece of jewelry.

For example, the V-victory sign earring, a dove pendant for a necklace, an olive branch bracelet, and the like. The idea of using peace symbols to enhance peace attracts mainly youths and adults.

Enhancing peace through peace culture

To achieve sustainable development goals in a country, it is essential to nurture the culture of peace in each country. This can start with peace education within the scope of each community. Peace culture can be advocated through cross-cultural talent show, arts, and any other related activities with do not stir conflicts.

In fact, the culture of peace can be strengthened through the movie contest, radio play contest, or any collective games.

Encouraging harmonious society through songs

To strengthen the idea of a peaceful society, it is helpful to organize a song-writing competition in each region of the country. Participants are encouraged to pay their full attention in the song lyrics and melody.

To encourage a very large participation from citizens, it might be necessary to distribute prizes to the three best song producers. Other creative talent show can be also organized, like radio play contest, short movie contest, and the like.